The artist formerly known as Dobby Stones



From their new album, Filthy America… It’s Beautiful

DJ Premier:


Pete Rock:


This song is mad chill check it out

The clientele on this site leans towards what’s been done.

I beg for 4 minutes of your time.

Shit ain’t always what you think is all I will say.



No disrespect to the rappers in this particular XXL cypher, but Clear Soul Forces is the antidote to that side of the culture if you find it disheartening. I’ve known CSF for a while but these days I’m appreciating them more than ever.

Was watching some bigfoot stuff the other day and thought of this.

I don’t know if I can call people kids yet, being 24 and all, but my peers and younger need to know about Thrust. The man is literally a Canadian professor (for more info, enroll in Toronto’s Harris Institute). For those of who who don’t really like Drake singing sweetly in your ear but want to listen to music from North of the border, please peep these tracks.

By the way, Thrust, if you’re looking for beats shoot me a message on Twitter. I know a few young producers who want to work with you.