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These two beats stand wholly and confidently on their own free of verbiage and lyrical dialogue.

But which is best?

Left Brain- “Ol Dirty”


Passion Pit- “Swimming in the Flood”

I’m leaning the latter.



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The Sample:

Apollo Brown:

MF Doom:

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Jay Dee & Proof a.k.a. The Funk Cowboys (part of 5 Elementz)- “Searchin” 1998

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- “Searching” 1994

This is very, very close.  If you’re familiar with my tastes you know who I’m leaning towards. There’s two factors to consider when deciding.

  1. Pete Rock did it first
  2. A crisper version of Dilla’s can be found here

What do you think?

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It is that time of year again. The time when I dedicate a post to the song I listened to the most during Finals Week. Even though it is far from over, I already know who will take the crown. I listened to Dink” by DJ Premier over 100 times from 10:00pm last night to 6:00am this morning studying for the most comprehensive Microeconomics exam you will ever see. It got to the point where I heard the same song 5 different ways – like after 20 or so listens, my ears would choose to emphasize one of the layers more than the others, making the beat sound like a spin-off of the previous version – if you can vibe with that. By 5:00am I was convinced there were female voices “ahhhing” to the beat (they aren’t there are they?)

MF Doom‘s “Charnsuka, which I have heard over 40 times so far this week, samples the same ultra chill piano, a chime perfect for environmental sustainability in the climate of relaxing white noise. I honestly have no idea which I prefer. Well, before last night, I would have said “Charnsuka”, but now “Dink” is a great friend of mine so I am confused. I guess it just means you will have to decide via this BEAT BOUT (if you’re a true BEATSPILL follower, you would have seen this coming):

The Sample: The Issac Hayes Movement – “Vykkii”

DJ Premier – “Dink”

MF Doom – “Charnsuka”

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I remember the late night epiphany so vividly – I am home, laying low, late at night, a day or so after New Years celebrations had commenced.  I am listening to Petestrumentals all the way through for the first time and “Smooth Sailing” starts penetrating my lobes.  Immediately, my brain becomes a mangled mess of surprise and confusion – I knew I knew the song…it did not seem new.  Then, like the thrill of finally figuring out that one crossword puzzle clue that completely changes the course of the game, I realize what is going on.  Scrambling over to J Dilla‘s Vol. 2 Vintage instrumental album, I recklessly shuffle through its contents like an addict trying to find his lost last pill.  “On The 1 was the one.  A fuse of joy and, strangely, betrayal, inundate my body. Sure, I had solved the riddle, but I simultaneously felt duped; I knew Pete Rock was maybe Jay Dee’s biggest inspiration, but to seemingly recreate something he had already done seemed dishonest.  My mindset 180’d fairly quickly, as I came to appreciate one incredible producer drawing from the same sample as another to create a similar, but contrasting and individual sound that truly brings out the essence of each artist’s musicality.  “Smooth Sailing” is so damn Pete Rock and “On The 1” is so damn J Dilla.  I love it.  The J Dilla vs. 9th Wonder Beat Bout proved the same; hip hop is about bringing one’s own creativity to the turntable and creating something original and personal.  Maybe that’s what’s truly lost in mainstream music.  People are making other peoples’ music, not their own.  Put on some headphones and tell me, which version do you like more?

The Sample: Thad Jones and Mel Lewis – “Quiet Lady

Pete Rock – “Smooth Sailing”

J Dilla – “On The 1”

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My version of a Beat Bout is to ask which song off of A Tribe Called Quest’s sophomore album The Low End Theory you think is better – “What?”, a primarily Q-Tipped track, or “Butter” mainly Phife Dawg, with a hook done by Tip. It’s hard to believe that it was released over 20 years ago. Both songs for me are the best examples of both of these legendary rappers, and their contrasting styles.

Q-Tip just blasts you with his lyricism in one of the most fun songs to listen to, and Phife just tells one of the best stories from back in the day, and it’s creative as hell.

No polls, just listen.

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Today’s beat bout is centered on a specific sample used.  The sampled track is Billy Paul‘s “Let The Dollar Circulate.”

After listening to the original it seems 9th Wonder did a little more than Jay Dee to spice up the track, but maybe simplicity can reign supreme in this instance. Take a listen to both legendary producers’ reinterpretation of the flow of money and tell us which one you think should win our beat out.

J Dilla:  Track 18 from Beat Tape 1 from 3 Beat Tapes (NOTE: “Track 18” was taken down, but fortunately it is also the instrumental for Steve Spacek’s “Dollar”)

9th Wonder: “Dollar Circulate

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This is a truly revolutionary Beat Bout.  Representing the United States of America is Ski Beatz with his instrumental “Taxi”.  Coming in from across the Atlantic we welcome the United Kingdom‘s Prosodi J with “We Will Survive”. This is the first international competition so it will be interesting to see which country prevails. I am an American, but I am also a human being, so I shall remain unbiased in my voting. What do you think?




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Just Blaze vs. Kanye West: I played Cam’ron‘s “Oh Boy” last night on air and it reminded me of The Game‘s “Wouldn’t Get Far” and I was debating which one is better.  Of the people I’ve discussed this with, it has remained a mix bag, a true debate. I know which one I like. Let your opinion be heard.

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Today’s Beat Bout is between DJ Quick and Dr. Dre.  “Dollaz & Sense” is off of Quik’s Safe + Sound, while “Who Am I (What’s My Name?)” is off of Snoop‘s Doggystyle.  I think this one comes down to whichever your listening to at the moment. However, I think I’ve managed to make up my mind.

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