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So it’s been a good minute or 1500 since I’ve listened to De La Soul‘s Stakes is High all the way through. This morning I did, over a nice cup of mocha coffee staring at the Lisbon skyline. A strange mix no doubt. Stranger, though, was the fact that I had hitherto failed to recognized the obvious similarity between De La’s “Dinninit” and one of my favorite all time classics, Large Professor‘s “Ijustwannachill.” Now I’m confused. Which one is actually my favorite all time classic? The sample is way too good to not obsess over either. I think I like Large Pro’s rocking chair chill vibes more though. Which side do you line up with?

The sample: Milt Jackson – “Enchanted Lady”

De La Soul – “Dinninit”

Large Professor – “Ijustwannachill”

If you like them both you can now play them together on the radio!


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