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*Disclaimer* All of the following media was taken with my iPhone, and I realize its sinful.

November 28th, Paradise Rock Club, Boston. It was freezing, but seeing as how I’ve never been as hyped for any concert as this in all my life, I didn’t notice much.


^That’s my girlfriend by the way, isn’t she beautiful?^

Run The Jewels, to me, is hip hop right now. Their music plucked one of my heart strings that I never knew existed — I’m sure many of us have had a similar experience in our lives, not necessarily limited to music.

After a tasteful aperitif of Despot and Ratking, the eponymous duo stepped out of the shadows to “We Are the Champions”,  and immediately cannonballed into “Run The Jewels” (off the album Run The Jewels by the artists Run The Jewels).

Mike + El's Entry

The next 75 minutes or so was a blur. If I hadn’t stuck my phone in the air every so often to contextualize the night, I would have just flashes of moshing, rap-screaming along at the top of my lungs as if they had to hear me alone, and hanging onto every word of the soliloquies the two would orate between songs.

They just had so much fun the whole time.

End of Get It + Mike's Dance Moves

I got to see my favorite people making music right now perform what is going to be (in my mind) the album of the year, at a tiny venue. When everyone else and I reluctantly and lethargically made our way towards the doors when it was over, I only then realized how raspy my voice was, how a muffled veil had fallen over my right ear, and how hungry I was for fast food. In that moment, it felt so damn wonderful to be alive.

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It happened again. North Carolina MC, JSWISS, just sent us another video of him rocking with Boston-based Tiger Speak. This is the second time in about two weeks that we’ve seen them together just after jolowitz basically epiphanized the collaboration. The tribute show was this time dedicated to Mos Def and looked dope yet again. Ryan Easter and his crew need to record a track with JSWISS immediately.

Peep our first ever interview with Tiger Speak:

Learn more about JSWISS through our interview with him just as Awthenticity dropped:

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Just after jolowitz wondered whether JSWISS and Tiger Speak were familiar with each otherJSWISS sends us this compilation of clips from Playground Sessions: The Roots Tribute, a live show held in Brooklyn, New York. Needless to say, the show looked absolutely dope: Tiger Speak laying down perfectly modest beats as the MC’s display their abilities. Jolowitz made the right call: JSWISS and Tiger Speak sound great together. We hope to see some further collaboration soon.

Note: The first beat Moruf raps over is super funky (if it’s a Roots cover I don’t recognize it and want to hear that track immediately). And Moruf’s good too.

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