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I don’t think we’ve ever posted a snippet of a song here at BEATSPILL, but I am far too shocked and excited not to post this. I really didn’t think this would ever happen and even if it ever did, I was a bit skeptical of how it would sound. Nas and J Dilla? But damn that wuz nice.

Nas uses Dilla’s “Gobstopper” from his classic album, Donuts and spends half the time paying homage to the legendary producer (as many seem to do who use his beats – makes some sense). The final cut is sure to be dope.

Here’s the instrumental for your listening pleasure:


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Now, there’s no doubt I’m a sucker for the old school yet I recognize the potential when it comes to novel hip hop. SoulChef is dope. Salz loves him and now I love him. He reminds me a bit of Gramatik sometimes and knows how to make a truly eclectic array of beats. The production on “Greeny Jungle” forces you to get your ass up and move. I’ll have to get used to Gabriel Teodros before I can get excited about he and SoulChef’s upcoming album, but I can appreciate what he is trying to do (I like his message). Also, Shakiah sounds exactly like SkyBlew.

I demand a mixtape of Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, SkyBlew and Shakiah. It would be the most confusing listening experience of all time. “Why is Action talking about Wu-Tang? Why is Shakiah talking about North Carolina?”

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It happened again. North Carolina MC, JSWISS, just sent us another video of him rocking with Boston-based Tiger Speak. This is the second time in about two weeks that we’ve seen them together just after jolowitz basically epiphanized the collaboration. The tribute show was this time dedicated to Mos Def and looked dope yet again. Ryan Easter and his crew need to record a track with JSWISS immediately.

Peep our first ever interview with Tiger Speak:

Learn more about JSWISS through our interview with him just as Awthenticity dropped:

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Just after jolowitz wondered whether JSWISS and Tiger Speak were familiar with each otherJSWISS sends us this compilation of clips from Playground Sessions: The Roots Tribute, a live show held in Brooklyn, New York. Needless to say, the show looked absolutely dope: Tiger Speak laying down perfectly modest beats as the MC’s display their abilities. Jolowitz made the right call: JSWISS and Tiger Speak sound great together. We hope to see some further collaboration soon.

Note: The first beat Moruf raps over is super funky (if it’s a Roots cover I don’t recognize it and want to hear that track immediately). And Moruf’s good too.

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Check the video art associated with SkyBlew’s “Streetlights” produced by Backdraft.

Download the project: Journeys In 1st Person

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For all of you lyricists out there, I’m announcing the formation of a production super-duo, Chill Planet. Consisting of Dobby Stones and gChavs, the chillest planet on earth is set to drop an LP that will “be out soon.” Here’s a sampler I mixed live last week on Beatspill Radio, WMUA 91.1FM. I’m doing another tonight so stay tuned.


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The second single off SkyBlew‘s Backdraft-produced Journeys In 1st Person offers much promise and acts as a great incentive to not sleep on North Carolina or Virginia over the next couple of weeks. If this hasn’t convinced you, check out “StreetLights”, the first single that found itself at #12 on DJ Booth’s Independent Music Charts:

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This is what I’m talking about. The majority of my favorite SkyBlew tracks have been over Backdraft beats and the majority of my favorite Backdraft songs have featured SkyBlew. Fortunately for my situation, their Journey’s In 1st Person is in the way.

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He may not strike the right chord with a large demographic of hip hop traditionalists, but damn – you can’t listen to this and tell me that he doesn’t have tight bars.

These rhymes were combed with a fine-toothed ivory brush.

“A good ol’ slobber knocker //

this like a Jaromir Jagr shot up top beyond the block or chalk it up and pound a lager”


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What a damn treat: De La Soul spitting over “This Is It” in 2014. Who woulda thought…craziness.  The upcoming mixtape, Smell The DA.I.S.Y., should be awesome.

I just saw this on their soundcloud…what a ridiculously terrific plan. De La Soul is back on the map (if they ever left, that is).
“Upcoming Projects:
“Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” produced by J Dilla (Mixtape),
“Premiem Soul On The Rocks” produced by DJ Premier & Pete Rock (Mixtape)
“You’re Welcome” (Album)”

The instrumental:

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