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So C. Pitt had me convinced after The Pitt Stop, but like every good performance you gotta come back strong. This is a bit different vibe, but I dig it. There’s a reason for the title. There’s always a moment of hesitation when you hear an artist switch it up to something a bit different.  It’s a great thing when that moment is the quiet before the storm. A good storm.

Good things have been coming out of the Carolinas for the past two years now, at least. Pay attention is my recommendation.


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I can’t lie in order to tell the truth. I always considered C. Pitt to be forefront. For the sake of productive competition, I have to let him know that my prior consideration has been rattled.

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Aer – “Try Her”

Alright, so this may not be the most intellectually stimulating song in the world.  I’ll get acknowledge that right off the bat; however, this song is unbelievably catchy, smooth and stimulating in other ways.  Aer, a Boston area music group known for their highly eclectic sound of reggae, hip hop, and  folk, won’t impress you with any innovative wordplay, but as they spit, you can’t help but appreciate their sound and overall good vibes.  At times, they boarder on cliche, yet for the most part, remain on the right side of good attitudes and chilling – only occasionally stepping into Mike Studd territory.  Anyway, “Try Her” is dope and I even bought it…which should say a lot.

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Daneil Caesar – a member of Toronto music group/record label, VLI./IXXI – released this cover of James Blake’s “Wilhelm Scream”,  back in 2013.  Although doing a cover of a James Blake track is no small task, Caeser executes it beautifully in this acoustic and effect free rendition.  The definition of relaxing, give “Scream” a listen and you’ll fall asleep where you stand.  Enjoy.

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SPZRKT has made an impression on us at Beatspill, so I’m sorry to write up another post about the artist, as I really don’t want to beat this tape to death.  Alas, I feel like I must.

“The Feel II”, featuring a guest verse by John Givez and production by Maj0r, is another gem on his last project, Lucid Dream, that one just can’t afford to overlook.  The beat has a groove and sense of funk reminiscent of old school rap, and the artists don’t disappoint.  SPZRKT’s smooth hook will spark your interest, and John Givez makes sure he never gives it back.  From start to finish, “The Feel II” is a rhythmic track great for sunny days and chillin with the homies.  Enjoy.

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Last year, Rockie Fresh, Royal Clutch, and Good Gatsby performed at my school.  Of the three, I had heard two of the groups: Rockie Fresh, because he was a recent signee to Maybach, and Royal Clutch, because one of the MC’s was a friend of mine.  I was impressed by all of the acts, but Gastby left the greatest impression on me.  The two known commodities fit the bill, as I had heard their music before; Gatsby, however, was entirely new, and therefore impressed me the most.

“Soul Food” is an old school sounding track, filled with chill samples, hooks and verses.  I’m not well acquainted with Djallel, but his introduction sets the ball in motion, and Good Gatsby takes it from where he leaves off.  “Soul Food” is just another example of how good this kid is, and I will be genuinely surprised if the Boston native doesn’t eventually see success in his future.  Enjoy.

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I’ve seen the name Village of Pharaohs around quite a bit on various blogs, and although I’ve never written about them, I recall a favorable impression on my ears.  Today, I was scanning DJ Booth, and given my positive memories of the group and song title (it indicated a personal track, which is somewhat a soft spot of mine), I gave it a listen – I came away impressed with the group, much more so than I had before.

The beat in “I Am” isn’t overwhelming, yet the ever increasing number of layers builds until the beat becomes a dynamic and changing instrumental.  The rappers are no slouches either, as they pour out their thoughts through incessant syllables and rhyme schemes.  Keep an eye out for these guys, as they have the potential to fill a valuable underground niche for some time.  Enjoy.

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Just yesterday this collaboration bridging North Carolina, Philadelphia, and LA was dropped on us. Production by Jon Jackson of The Boondocks Cartoon.

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Free BeetsDobby Stones has just released Free Beats for free download. I have heard all of these songs and they are all just terrific.  Samples include Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles and Luther Ingram.


  1. Without You ft. Luther Ingram*
  2. Dreamin’*
  3. Garden*
  4. Love Song ft. Sara Bareilles*
  5. Sweet Sweet Norah*
  6. Rock With You*
  7. Work So Hard ft. Peter Gabriel*
  8. Alone on the Moon*


Contact for collaborations and more instrumentals

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At first listen, “Grindin’ Interlude” may seem a bit off or unorthodox; however, as the play counts mount,  Chrystopher’s intonations make more sense, and the ambient beat, which at one point was smooth and calm, becomes charged and full of emotion.  As two minute glimpse into the motivated mind of Shawn Chrystopher, “Grindin’ Interlude” is another example of the artists talented.  Chrystopher produces and writes the lyrics to his tracks, and as a result creates incredibly authentic pieces of work.  Enjoy.

Chrystopher’s intonations can be difficult to understand at first, so you can find the lyrics to the song here.


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