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I mean there’s not much I can say that both hasn’t been said or isn’t already obvious that would further justify this pick.  A while ago I began the process of learning all of Outkast‘s albums starting with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and ending with Idlewild.  I had been told by others, specifically Eminem in “Til I Collapse”, that Dre is one of the best to ever do it. Having listened to his discography, I understand why.  His voice, flow, and lyrical content all reach the upper echelons of smoothness, coolness, and creativity.  He can rap, sing, and hum with the best of them, however usually it isn’t with the best of them, because relative to him they are not the best.  I’ve never heard of an Outkast-J Dilla collaboration. Really, I don’t think there could be anything better. If I could get Andre over any of first-overall-pick Jay Dee’s beats each song would subsequently become the greatest song ever. Also, as a plus, Andre could also be a heavy driving force behind the production, along with the overall creative direction of an album, as we’ve seen demonstrated by the vast reach of each of Outkast’s projects into such contrasting genres (see Aquemini, Stankonia, and The Love Below).

Imagine Andre 3000 rapping over this beat.

Soul Intense Records

  1. J Dilla
  2. Andre 3000

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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Capital Cities is a successful alternative indie-pop group from Cali.  In “Farrah Fawcett” they enlist the help of relatively well known artist Andre 3000, I kid.  Anyway, the duo creates an incredibly interesting and unique sound, that is both poppy, hip-hoppy, and soulful.  Give it a chance.  Enjoy.

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This has nothing to do with Amy Winehouse. A movie soundtrack is an album frequently glanced over, save for fans of the movie. This is one of those songs that might be in the ears of everyone before the movie even comes out. Off of The Great Gatsby OST, this tense track of some chilled, slick bars by the great Andre and some beautifully laced words from Beyonce make this the kind of song you want to show your friends. The beat never drops, but it wouldn’t be as coolly eerie if it actually did. There’s tons of other great artists on the soundtrack, including Jay-Z, The XX, Lana Del Ray, Jack White,, and Florence + The Machine.

In theaters May 10

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There’s no other day to post this song but today. Beat by Dre 3000.

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