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Good morning? Best morning.


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When your child asks you where babies come from, you can simply direct them to this song.

But definitely not to that soundcloud picture…

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J Dilla, rock, rock on. Beatspill, rock, rock on. All you people, rock, rock on. Dilla Sundays, rock, rock on. Thanks for listening, rock, rock on.  Dilla’s 2007 re-issue of Ruff Draft had both these versions of “Shouts”, showing love and appreciation to the people in his life who helped him become on of the most influential and endeared musicians of all time. It’s funny, I feel as though everyone involved in this must reciprocate these feelings on such a deeper level. Here’s a breakdown of who is involved in order of appearance.


Common, CL Smooth, Pete Rock, Frank-n-Dank, Almighty Dreadnaughtz, Mr. Porter, Proof, Busta Rhymes and Flipmode Squad, Groove Attack, Karriem Riggins, Bling47, Young RJ, Phat Kat, and Ghostly International


A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Mrs. Yancey, Loot Pack (Madlib, Wildchild, and DJ Romes), Calloway, Guilty Simpson, P-Dub, Fat Killahz, Secret City, Proof, S.C.*, Slum Village, Royce da 5’9″, Tex Murda, Philly Frank, D’Angelo, Redman, Big Fuzz, Nas, The Neptunes, White Boy*, Mike Move*, BlackStar, and Jurassic 5

*Identity unconfirmed


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This song is a bit different from the others off of Voodoo, D’Angelo‘s turn-of-the-millennium release. It features the vocal aids of Redman and Method Man, a duo which I have never found to be disappointing. D’Angelo took the primary part in the production of every song in this album. Q-Tip is credited as a writer but doesn’t appear on this song and this is literally because nobody liked the verse he had planned for it. So, under exact circumstances I’m unfamiliar with, Q-Tip bounced and Method Man and Redman took his place. Unexpected and almost unheard of, but it worked out well regardless.

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