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We wrapped up our Spring semester with an awesome interview with Virginia producer Backdraft. We talk about the Virginia music scene as a whole, his upcoming project charity-based project Diasporic Connections, featuring globally spread African artists, and his Soulquarian remix tape, which is still in development.

Be sure to tune in to sMiles next week, who will be manning BEATSPILL Radio‘s summer block, Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8.



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Backdraft just released these two tracks off of his upcoming project, Diasporic Connections.  From what I can see, the motivation behind this is charitable, something Backdraft is familiar with. Check out The Power EP he put out with Emcee Logic, which is available in exchange for an altruistic donation to a charity of your choice.
This intro is a relaxing instrumental laced with the motivational words and the vocals of Miriam Makeba. Also known as Mama Africa, Makeba was a Grammy winning singer but was known most significantly for her involvement as a victim and activist in the South African apartheid of the 60’s.  Many of her works had been banned for their political and social messages despite her popularity and following.  It makes me reconsider how blessed I am to live with the expressive rights my country has given me today. It really magnifies the significance of someone like Makeba’s work, knowing that I will most likely never experience anything similarly oppressive.  This is also a good example of Backdraft’s sampling habits, but very much is held back. This is appropriate for an intro.
The Nutty 2 join him for the second track. Magic Man and M.P. are a duo from Port Harcourt City, Nigeria who grace this beat with their transcontinental flow.  I must admit, my African rapper internal database is very low. I’m not the hugest fan of Euro rap, so it’s really nice to hear something unique and different from a fresh nation. This collaboration makes clearer the spirit of the project. “Diasphoric Connections”. Think about it.

Diaspora: a dispersion or spreading, as of people originally belonging to one nation or having a common culture

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