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This track will take you straight back to the groovy, funky-ass late-70’s, early 80’s even if you weren’t alive then.  If this song doesn’t get you going, you may need to see a doctor.  I think the instrumental might be even better so here’s that:

Rubber Johnson is a trio of three Austrialian’s, James Canning Otto Mitter, Jr., and Grant Wallis 

If you like what you hear check out their Soundcloud page.


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Geographer, not to be confused with Vacationer, is another band that has absorbed me in their music. Their genre is hard to nail down, but has been described as a combination of ‘dream pop’ and electronic rock; and what a sweet, sweet combination it is. This song is off of their newest album, Myth (2012), a much anticipated follow up to their 2008 release – Innocent Ghosts. Their sound is how I would imagine indie rock from space to sound like. They consist of Michael Deni (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Nathan Blaz (cello, synthesizers) and Brian Ostreicher (drums, vocals), and yes you saw that right, they use a cello. Seriously unlike any music I’ve ever heard and will definitely be an artist to look out for in the future.

Download this song here

Other songs to listen to are Verona and Original Sin.


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As much as I love listening to, dissecting, and posting about hip-hop and rap, I have to show some love for the other genres in my life. This song, by the Australian-based Cut Copy, has pretty strong nostalgic and emotional ties to me. This song is off of their second album, In Ghost Colours, which peaked at number one on the Australian music charts in 2008, and not without reason, obviously, because they are crazy good. I first started listening to them back in high school, and it marked one of the first times I really noticed that my musical tastes weren’t as restricted as I thought. As for the emotional and nostalgic ties, this song and ones like it made me feel like those media-driven, heavily romanticized visions of high school were yet to come. They didn’t, but what does a man have if he doesn’t have hope?

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Crazy chill track off of Little People‘s first album Mickey Mouse Operation.  The album is worth a peep for fans of chilled-out electronic instrumentals.  You can actually download half of the album free on his website as well as a few free EP’s.  His second album, We Are But Hunks Of Wood was just released this week.

Other notable songs on Mickey Mouse Operation: Basique, Above The Clouds, Last Fare, Gravitas.

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