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What do you expect?

You’re right.

Here’s the instrumental


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All this song does for me is make me happier and happier with two of my first 7 picks in the draft.

Perfect production from RZA; perfect flows and stories from Ghostface.

Peep my other picks here.

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I smell the essence of Wu. In my humble opinion (we all know it is highly debatable), I just snagged the best rapper in Wu-Tang. The most consistent success with a solo career, and perhaps the best storytelling MC in history, Ghostface Killah has become a favorite of mine, and I couldn’t dishonor him by taking him any later than I already did. RZA and Ghostface are two drops from the same water bucket, and when they meet the rest of my team, we’ll get to the boiling.

The People’s Chomp

1. RZA


3. Slug

4. Joey Bada$$

5. Big L

6. Ghostface Killah

Also, I’m incredibly ready to hear that MF DOOM and Ghost have a project coming up that I hope will drop soon. They’ve dabbled in the past, but let’s see what heights we reach now.

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The first real verse of Ghostface Killah’s second album Supreme Clientele is incredibly complex with its syllabic network. I’m usually a sucker for wordplay, and I love puns and double entendres but this opener showcases everything: confidence, flow, wordplay, delivery, and in some cases, a difficult to dissect context of rhymes that will take listen after listen to fully understand. Basically, a classic.

Also, check out “Mighty Healthy” off the same album.

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Well, I’m making my way through Fishscale finally after months of it sitting on my shelf. I can’t believe I hadn’t gotten to it sooner, because this album is incredible. This track provides insight to a man at a bus stop who becomes immediately infatuated with a beautiful honey waiting for the public transit same as him. Only, in the last two lines of the song some real shit happens when he goes to pull out his phone to take her number, and his gun falls out onto the ground. Talk about awkward. J Dilla crafted two instrumentals for this album, the second of which is called “One For Ghost”and is featured on Donuts. 

Chillingly romantic lyrics coming from a thug.


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The debut solo album of Ghostface Killah, like Raekwon‘s is a piece of the puzzle that is the essential hip-hop. I’ve said multiple times that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.. might be my favorite album of all time, and I was expecting the other debut album of Ghostface to be similar, but it’s not. RZA produces another masterpiece, except for the track “Fish”, produced by True Master. This album, this track being the lead track, has “blaxploitation”-films sampling in addition to more soul sampling. The first minute of the track is the first minute of the album. Not much else to say other than I really hope you don’t skip over this one.

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Yet another track off the album which I will have to say flip-flops back and forth in my top 3 favorite albums of all time. No words I can conjure up can capture the lyrical attack laid down by Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. Not to mention production nothing short of genius on behalf of RZA, and yes, I know that that nickname is copyrighted by GZA. I’m sure he won’t mind.


Samples: “Could I Be Falling In Love?” – Syl Johnson

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We had the good fortunes of speaking with DJ Symphony after the GZA show in Northampton the other night. We talked about Wu-Tang‘s upcoming Coachella and European tour dates, his upcoming project with Ghostface Killah, Certified Crack, and his independent station Radio Invasion. Less official business includes the division of the genre, the essence of hip hop, and, of course, jazz. He’s an incredibly entertaining guy and gave us an terrific interview. We’ll keep you all up to date on his upcoming projects.

Check us out tonight on Radio Invasion and WMUA 91.1 FM.

Check out the DJ schedule for this weekend here.

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Filmed by Thugs Bunny

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On this Dilla Sunday, I present this track that is essentially a Wu-Tang song, containing much of the group, but with production by J. Dilla. The song is off of Raekwon’Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II (2009), and was rated 25th best album of 2009 by Rolling Stone, and 7th best by TIME MagazineThe original instrumental that Dilla produced is just over a minute long, but this lengthened version was perfect for a crew like Wu  to go over. The beat is high intensity, and the dudes from the clan tear it up exactly how it should be done – aggressively. The video, which is more than a full minute longer than the actual song, contains some awesome visuals, despite some gruesome themes.  This song is near peak-intensity of any Dilla production.

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