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This is the smoothest song I’ve heard in the longest while. The loudest of shouts goes to Mister Cee, who’s Hot 97 Dilla Mix empowered me though one golden hour of my workday. The highlight, by and far, of the songs featured that I had not been familiar with, is “Got ‘Til It’s Gone”. This is a four way intersection of artists contributing to what I feel to be a shining example of American artistic collaboration. Joni Mitchell granted permission to Janet Jackson after requesting the use of her renowned song, “Big Yellow Taxi”, which was then sampled by GPOAT J Dilla and laid down in true Ummah neo-soul fashion.  Janet then shared the instrumental real estate with fellow vocalist of a different breed, Q-Tip. The recipe looks good on paper, but if you are simply reading this without listening for context, I envy you for the opportunity to listen to this song for the first time, and urge you to listen.

I will note, for further reading, that there was some controversy regarding credit given. I’m not really about the negativity so I’ll nutshell this to protect the vibe, if you can dig that. Essentially, the Ummah went uncredited initially until speaking up about the matter. The result was J Dilla’s “Revenge Remix”, which was his way of turning water into wine.


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