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GZA speaks science to a bunch of young minds whilst showing glimpses of what Dark Matter is going to entail.

Check out our interview with him in which he details more future exploits:


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Sorry for the prolonged absence guys.  Life was kinda piling up, and I did a little traveling, so together I haven’t been able to do much posting.  During my travels, however, I came across this gem from the legendary GZA, “Amplified Sample”, so not all is for naught.  The track’s sound is incredibly progressive considering it’s from GZA’s Beneath the Surface album dating back to 1999.  Enjoy.

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We had the good fortunes of speaking with DJ Symphony after the GZA show in Northampton the other night. We talked about Wu-Tang‘s upcoming Coachella and European tour dates, his upcoming project with Ghostface Killah, Certified Crack, and his independent station Radio Invasion. Less official business includes the division of the genre, the essence of hip hop, and, of course, jazz. He’s an incredibly entertaining guy and gave us an terrific interview. We’ll keep you all up to date on his upcoming projects.

Check us out tonight on Radio Invasion and WMUA 91.1 FM.

Check out the DJ schedule for this weekend here.

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Filmed by Thugs Bunny

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Last night GZA was performing at the Pearl Street Night Club in Northampton. The venue was packed and he put on an unbelievable show. We were close, about two and a half rows back. At one point he hopped off stage and rapped on the floor in the midst of the mosh pit.  He was backed by DJ Symphony, who gave us a great interview after the show that you can expect up this Saturday.

This was our first live Wu-Tang experience and there was this overpowering feeling of something historically significant going on while watching The Genius just feet in front of us. He performed his verses of all the songs I was hoping to hear, like a kind of “Best Of” live show. At one point some bearded bozo hopped up on stage. Instead of losing his cool, GZA handed him the mic and offered him the floor. The fool quickly shrunk in the spotlight, speechless and pitiful. It wasn’t until then that GZA shoved that dude back to the crowd.

He was an incredibly engaging performer, finishing the show by performing four or five songs while walking throughout the crowd, nearly to the back of the auditorium. This was a man with nothing to prove and even less to fear walking among the common people, his fans, putting on what is sure to be remembered as so many individuals’ greatest concert experience of their lives.

GZA 008 GZA 007 GZA 006 GZA 009Rapping in the back of the club

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GZA – “Publicity”

Today, my buddy and I kicked off our brand new radio station, and of the numerous tracks he played, Publicity stuck in my mind.  I was straight blown away.  As it rocked through the speakers I became infatuated.  The beat, with its simple kits but dramatic and powerful strings just pulled me in.  I couldn’t get out.  Enjoy this track, from a legendary group.


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On this Dilla Sunday, I present this track that is essentially a Wu-Tang song, containing much of the group, but with production by J. Dilla. The song is off of Raekwon’Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II (2009), and was rated 25th best album of 2009 by Rolling Stone, and 7th best by TIME MagazineThe original instrumental that Dilla produced is just over a minute long, but this lengthened version was perfect for a crew like Wu  to go over. The beat is high intensity, and the dudes from the clan tear it up exactly how it should be done – aggressively. The video, which is more than a full minute longer than the actual song, contains some awesome visuals, despite some gruesome themes.  This song is near peak-intensity of any Dilla production.

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