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Another piece of the puzzle that was my interview with Masta Ace for WMUA 91.1FM (UMass)


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I had an opportunity to speak with Well$ of Charlotte, North Carolina on Beatspill Radio, WMUA 91.1FM.  We talked about his label, Immaculate Taste, his new album, MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratchers, his generation’s old school icons, and why the North Carolina hip hop scene is on it’s way to joining New York, Detroit, and LA as a mecca of the genre moving forward.

Download MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratchers via audiomack  here.

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Such a good interview with Madlib by Laura Leishman for Radio France. He talks jazz, Fantastic Planet  (watch if unfamiliar), and why J Dilla is the “Coltrane of hip hop”.  They just chill out, listen to records, and share insight not quite attainable in any other setting really.

Shout out to Potholes In My Blog for sharing


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GZA speaks science to a bunch of young minds whilst showing glimpses of what Dark Matter is going to entail.

Check out our interview with him in which he details more future exploits:

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Earl has changed, in the most satisfying and unexpected of ways. With his first major record label release dropping yesterday, everyone has been clamoring for interviews, meanings and perspectives on what to make of the new album. Why don’t you just hear what Earl has to say?

Sorry for the quality, couldn’t find a solid link. Listen to Doris.

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We wrapped up our Spring semester with an awesome interview with Virginia producer Backdraft. We talk about the Virginia music scene as a whole, his upcoming project charity-based project Diasporic Connections, featuring globally spread African artists, and his Soulquarian remix tape, which is still in development.

Be sure to tune in to sMiles next week, who will be manning BEATSPILL Radio‘s summer block, Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8.


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Earlier this week sMiles and I had a chat with NY/NC rapper JSWISS. We talked about No9to5 Music, his upcoming release Awthenticity, and what it takes to be a unique artist in this biblical flood of young talent.

Awthenticity drops May 14th

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Jolowitz and I speak with Doodlebug aka Cee Knowledge, MC of the legendary Digable Planets, maybe the chillest, ultra-jazzy hip hop crew of the early 90’s.  We discuss the reasons behind the break up of Digable Planets, the content of modern hip hop, his current and future happenings, artists he regrets not working with, and his ideal setting to write lyrics, among other things.

Note: The Interview is broken up into 2 parts.

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The precision in which Rench combines country and hip hop, two seemingly antithetical genres, into one revolutionary sound is incredible.  Jolowitz and I had the pleasure of speaking with the mind behind, the producer of, and the singer for Gangstagrass.  He discusses his work before Gangstagrass, what propelled him to fuse Bluegrass and Hip Hop, and the details behind his upcoming tour, among other things.  He also gives us exclusive news on an upcoming collaboration.

Here’s a stream of his latest album Rappalachiain case you’re ill-informed of his style:

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We had the good fortunes of speaking with DJ Symphony after the GZA show in Northampton the other night. We talked about Wu-Tang‘s upcoming Coachella and European tour dates, his upcoming project with Ghostface Killah, Certified Crack, and his independent station Radio Invasion. Less official business includes the division of the genre, the essence of hip hop, and, of course, jazz. He’s an incredibly entertaining guy and gave us an terrific interview. We’ll keep you all up to date on his upcoming projects.

Check us out tonight on Radio Invasion and WMUA 91.1 FM.

Check out the DJ schedule for this weekend here.

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Filmed by Thugs Bunny

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