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Exercise: what do the following tracks have in common?

What do the above tracks have in common?  They’re the exact same song all attributed to the wrong artist.  As such the mystery track of the day goes to “Make Daddy Proud” – a song whose notes and melodies were separated from its creator at birth.  Misattributed to a variety of different artists, ranging from  Drake to The Weeknd, to Crew and even A.S.A.P. Rocky.  The sad truth about this song, is that somehow, somebody absolutely screwed up, and as it proliferated through blogs, youtube channels, soundcloud streams, and even Rap Genius, nobody corrected it.

As I scanned the web, I found it’s true identity, “MDP” by Lashaun Ellis and Johnny Rain.  Although the association with Drake has surely given the track a degree of exposure that would’ve been unattainable were it still connected to the underground artist, it’s still unsettling to think that this mistake has grown to the extent that it has.  In one instance, the track is entitled “The Crew Part 2”, is written by Drake, and has 1.15 million views.  Lashaun Ellis, the song’s original artist, has several videos on youtube, but his highest count is only 85k, representing a disparity in views between the real and fake videos of over 1 million.  I don’t want to imply that 85k views is anything to overlook, as it’s clearly a tremendous achievement, but were this song to be properly cited, Ellis would be subject to considerably more fame than he is right now.

It’s quite an interesting issue, as the more I think about it, more questions arise.  For example how often does this sort of mistake happens? And if it’s often, do I have songs in my library that are robbing the original artist of credit?  Was this a ploy by Lashaun’s management to expedite the track’s spread through the internet.  It also makes me question pop music fans, for if you mistake a piece of music to have your “favorite” artist, when, in reality, he doesn’t even make an appearance, your fanship should be revoked immediately.

I’ll never be able to answer these questions, but it was an interesting adventure to have today, and I’m glad I could attempt to shed some light on this issue.

Here’s the original from Ellis’s real soundcloud.


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I wrote about Johnny Rain back in February, and have been waiting eagerly for another release ever since.  As just another example of how R&B has been subject to a renaissance in the past few years, Johnny Rain’s passion, heartbreak, and unfiltered thoughts portray him as the new lost romantic.  What amazes me about Rain, is the fact that he has a voice like Frank Ocean, a fascinating and deep perspective like The Weeknd, but he also produces his own beats.  The fact that he produces his own beats is absurd, as he could easily make a name for himself solely by production, let alone singing.

Download his entire album on Soundcloud, it’s dope stuff

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This is good.  Really, really good.  I’ve never heard of Johnny Rain but I saw him featured on DJ Booth today, and damn, this dude is talented.  He’s another member of the new, darker, ominous, and much improved R&B style that was conceived with the rise of Frank Ocean.  Another reason to be impressed by Johnny Rain, is the that along with writing his own music, he produces his beats as well.  “Lovely Hallucination” is as beautiful a song as it’s title implies, so get lost in this song and enjoy.

Download his mixtape Lovely of Machine here

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