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I bet you can’t name one Irish producer. Lucky for you, in the shadow of St. Paddy’s Day I’ll throw you a bone, and he’s a guy I only just discovered myself. Jack Colleran, aka MMOTHS is a bright young producer out of the Emerald Isle who has a knack for downtempo, lo-fi, ambient beats that just make for beauties of eye-closing bliss. This particular track features the beautiful vocals of Sarah P and chill genius of producer RΠЯ of Keep Shelly In Athensand is entrancing, hypnotizing and soft. That is not at all to say that it is not boring, not at all. This dude is propelling the Irish electronic scene, and I hope that lots of people follow his roll down the road.

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His track below, “All These Things” (feat. Holly Miranda) is another beauty, and sounds a lot like downtempo electronic giant Tycho, but with vocals that make you forget that anything sounds like anyone else. If you like ambience and to be lulled by music, look no further.


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