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Its really dope to contextualize just how dope old school flows can go so hard over some modern beats. Can you imagine if this had been the original? Our bar for exquisite trap would be much higher.


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So let’s hop back onto the chill electronic wave for a minute. LCD Soundsystem is a pioneer of the genre, and a favorite artist of Kid Cudi’s, going as far as going over two of his songs, including this one, shown below. The other is a very nostalgic tune to us here at Beatspill, and it goes by the name of “All Talk”. I bet you haven’t heard anything like this guy…think of a chilled out Daft Punk, and then you’ll be well on your way, but there’s only so much I can tellĀ  you. You have to listen.

Note: Below is an elongated mashup of Cudi’s “Can I Be?” off of Dat Kid From Cleveland

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