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Listen to this next time you trot down the street. You’ll feel like Columbo…or better yet, Jacques Clouseau.


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Apparently, Clams Casino didn’t make beats in 320kbps  until last year, but its not like it even matters for him. He specializes in the lo-fi, sketchy, womping sounds that come from less than the highest quality sound bytes. There are so many good songs to post about Clams, but I chose one of his lesser known songs. This one is off of his Rainforest EP mixtape, a five track tape that I find to be nothing less than a haunting but wholly satisfying collection. The other tracks are named “Treetop”,  “Drowning”, “Waterfalls” and “Natural”,  and all have strong nature-sounding overtones to them, but some more than others, for example, the track “Treetop”, which starts off feeling like you’re in the Amazon or something. More from Clams to come soon, in the mean time, have a go at these.

Listen to “Natural — Listen to “DrowningListen to “TreetopListen to “Waterfalls



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