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Dedicated to the man who should win every award at every BET Music Awards Show. Listen and/or weep.

More Dilla





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Pharrell‘s new release, “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, as seen in the recent Beats Pill commercial, for Beats By Dre. People obviously like to buy the Beats Pill, new or used.

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I have no idea what year it is. What kind of world do we have here when we get 50 Cent back into the game? In any case, he brings the bars over a very, very non-50 sounding beat…but then again, it seems like almost everyone is experimenting nowadays. In a strong returning statement, I think he’s shaming us for doubting him and reminding us that he never really left.

Also, this beat sounds exactly like “Words I Never Said” by Lupe Fiasco, and annoys me that they both feature Skylar Grey. C’mon Alex da Kid, switch up your game a little bit.

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Some brand new Futurecop! and yet again they just blast your speakers with some beautiful party synths in a way you’ve never heard. With some awesome spacey vocals courtesy of Cavaliers of Fun that really hit me like I’m listening to M83 on steroids, Futurecop! doesn’t let down with their newest venture. This is actually part of a new mix that the dreampop group has released, featuring a bunch of remixes of this song.

Is it possible to have a song sound like a rainbow? I think that’s what I’ll settle on with this one.

Listen to the full set here

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I’ve been a bit hesitant to stray into the indie-electro-psychedelic chillness that is Boise, Idaho based artist Youth Lagoon, but with the very recent release of his newest song “Mute”, it’s hard for me to not share how I feel through some written medium. His tracks give me a vibrant, 3-D feeling buzz and are never anything short of introspective. I think that this is his most experimental touch he’s had on a song, but I really think it’s something beyond interesting. If it seems a bit too much to swallow in one sitting, don’t – but maybe you should listen to some of his other songs before coming back to this one, and then you’ll see what I mean.

His sophomore LP Wondrous Bughouse is set to be out on March 5th, surely a brilliant follow up to a favored album on mine and many – Year of Hibernation.

Tracks to listen to: “Posters”“17”, & “Cannons”

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Now I’m sure he wouldn’t like being compared to Nujabes, but Doug Appling, a.k.a. Emancipator, for me at least, hits the same spot. This man is an artist, and his sounds transcend hip-hop, or whatever genre you could think to call it. If your parents never followed suit your appeal to hip-hop, they could listen to his stuff and begin to understand. He incorporates traditional hip-hop sounds, but with real musical instrument tones, such as brass, wind, piano, and string.

As a treat, he released his newest song Minor Cause, and offered up a free download. We are all waiting anxiously for what he has next, as his forthcoming album Dusk to Dawn is due soon.

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I’m usually quick to dismiss any songs simply titled Marijuana, because there are just so many that I think are going to be awesome, and then just swing and miss. I’ve finally found one that is satisfying for me, through the electro-chillwave beauty that is Chrome Sparks’ doing. It’s just one of those really chill indie-electronic type instrumentals that just make me feel like I’m floating away. It has sounds that are bubbly, shimmering, ambient, all tied together by a real nice drum rack.

Chrome Sparks opens up for RJD2 and Com Truise at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City tomorrow night in what will surely be a thrilling New Year’s Eve spectacle.

His newest work –  a remix of Gemini‘s Robots below

Year: 2012

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In a stark contrast to his debut album style, this is a song just released today by the hip-hop legend Raekwon. This song is far and away from his energy of the post below, but lyrically, they are not too different. In fact, his words are reminiscent of the tales told in this smoother track. The juxtaposition of his hardened rhymes over the cloudy day sounding beat is a wonder to listen to. Spit over a Gladys Knight sample of a song by the same name – Neither One of Us, this track is off of Raekwon’s upcoming project entitled the Lost Jewelry EP. The combination of a more refined and elegant Raekwon over a silky soul sample is just amazing. 

Stay tuned for the early 2013 release of his new project – the Lost Jewelry EP

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An extremely stark contrast from my post earlier today, this traptacular beat is produced by Lil Texas – a member of Boston, MA-based producer collective M|O|DThe crew consists of Lil Texas, Rewrote, Arnold, Yung Satan & C.Z — all with their own feel, sound and vibe, but they all have the commonality of making new, bEast Coast, heavy-trap influenced beats. The group has just recently released a new collection of 5 songs – one by each of the artists, and is available for download via their Soundcloud here. This song in particular is a dose of trap that I need every so often, and this song gives me my fix over and over again. Best bumped with lots of bass. Their older stuff is extremely worth looking into if you like trap the way I do, especially because its a new sounding trap with sounds I’ve never heard before.  Fresh dose of some original beats.

Off their previous release M|O|D IV:

Yung Satan – “Fixt”                  C.Z. – “Grimey”                                                  Arnold – “Help Interlude”                 Rewrote – “Cut 2

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My third post on this site was The Foreign Exchange‘s track, “Happiness,” one of the chillest, smoothest, well-put-together hip hop songs I’ve heard.  I think it is safe to say that at the time of the posting there were few viewers who would have seen it.  The album it comes from, Connected, and the underground music The Foreign Exchange puts out, is too good to be lost in dust.  “Brave New World,” in which Phonte speaks about life over a simple, bouncy, chillaxing, Nicolay beat, is from the same 2004 album, Connectedwhich is a must have for any hip hop fan.

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