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Here’s some new JSWISS for your ears. I like the vibe he seems to be continuing to maintain; always linking up with producers who help him keep it.

Listen to some more JSWISS if you’re into this and peep our interview with the up-and-comer here.


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“You do not want it with me”

I don’t know if this officially counts as a Dilla Sunday post seeing as Jay Dee was taken off of this “McNasty Filth” intrumental by the Lib-side of Jaylib (which is Madlib for those of you who are fortunate enough to learn for the first time) off of Champion Sound, so I’ll throw this in too:

(Dilla’s “Over the Breaks”)

Also, see AltAir‘s beat feast for all members of No9to5:

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Earlier this week sMiles and I had a chat with NY/NC rapper JSWISS. We talked about No9to5 Music, his upcoming release Awthenticity, and what it takes to be a unique artist in this biblical flood of young talent.

Awthenticity drops May 14th

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Here’s a last minute Dilla Sunday post from an up-and-coming artist we’ve featured a few times already.  The UNC kid is back at it again with his annual J Dilla tribute track, this time spitting over Slum Village’s “Players,” a song from their ridiculously unbelievable album Fantastic Vol. 1.  Sure it’s difficult to make a Jay Dee produced song sound bad, however the No9To5 Music member more than holds his own here.  It’s obviously tough to compete with the original, but JSWISS does an impressive job maintaing the track’s essence while putting his own spin on the classic production.  Take a listen.

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Young artists nowadays do one of two things. They either conform and try to squeeze into the mold set by whoever’s in the spotlight or they do something unique, refreshing and original. One of these is obviously much more of a challenge than the other and also more impressive. If you’re not sure what I mean please watch this video by No9to5 Music‘s JSWISS and Topiq. I was skeptical for the first five seconds but give it ten and you’ll be caught. It’s simple yet complex, giving the whole video a humble feel while displaying a vision that is limited only by their means. The verses are tight and clever, highlighted by the text on the screen, something that can sometimes take away from the song. Nothing is average about this video, especially the beat which was developed by AltAir. He appreciates the old old school with the soul of an artist of decades prior. This is the first time I’ve heard of him and it’s enough to keep my eye peeled moving forward.

Download below:

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This is the brand spanking new video from New York-native, UNC Chapel Hill-student JSWISS. A member of the No9to5 Music collective, JSWISS has shared the stage with notable acts such as Soul Khan, Asher Roth, 2 Chainz, and has worked with Beatspill-familiar artist SkyBlew. This track is off of his newest work titled the #LeaveMeALoan EP, released earlier this year, and this song is one that best exemplifies his deeply intricate rhyme schemes. “Four Corners”  is a brilliantly produced beat with the crackles, scratches and drums that take the listener back to old-school’s heyday, but with a cleaner feel and with a bubbly, electric guitar-sounding riff looped throughout. The beat was produced by Dee Jay Element, with cuts by DJ Brace. 

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