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So yesterday started off solemnly. Paul Peirce has officially left the Celtics. The end of an era. My favorite athlete since I was five years old. However, I find that grim times offer an opportunity to truly highlight the good things in life, many of which I have, one of which is Backdraft‘s continuation of his The Lost Soulquarian project. I had been thinking recently that my Erykah Badu collection is certainly lacking. Next thing I know I find a best of both worlds occasion lying at my feet. Backdraft remixes her first ever single “On & On” from her debut Baduizm album, which won a Grammy in ’98. If you’ve been enjoying The Lost Soulquarian project so far, Backdraft offer good news:

“I decided to make this project an “Open-Ended Project,” meaning the tracks you see now will be available and as the future tracks come, they will be added to the collection. I feel it’s fitting, because as someone influenced by these artists/producers I can’t hold a candle to them musically so leaving it as an ongoing project shows there’s always room for advancement on my part.”

See his previous installments here


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