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A few months ago, I posted about some up-and-coming artist from San Antonio, SPZRKT.  While clearly influenced by the likes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, SPZRKT has his own, unique sound, and as I hear more of his music, he seems determined to only further differentiate himself.  “Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife”, is a beautiful track that reminds me of Ocean’s “Lost” but with some more edge.  Produced by dope beat-maker, Sango and remixed by Stwo, the beat is incredibly dynamic and driven.  This track is unreal, as it combines a talented voice with an already beautiful beat, and remixes it all into one masterpiece.  Enjoy.


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I’m usually not into the whole R&B scene, especially not the emotional/sappy kind, and apart from the Weeknd and Frank Ocean, there are few singers that I really LISTEN to.  The group CharlieRED, however, may be a new name for me to add to the that exclusive list.  This Could Be is off of their newest mixtape entitled “Religion”, and it has a certain jazzy feel to it that I can’t escape.  Produced by Cobain Ivory, the beat leaves the listener melting in their chair with a seductive upright bass and a slightly offbeat slow… monotonous…drum.  Rocki Evans, the singer, is certainly no slouch himself and contrasts the deep sound perfectly.  Enjoy.


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I guess it’s a Jazzy Hip-Hop Sunday for me today.  Just took a peep at Bill Ortiz‘s new album, Highest Wish, and came across this insanely funky song.  Ortiz has played with a number of well-renowned artists including Carlos Santana.  Highest Wish is a groovy R&B/Hip-Hop/Jazz album that deserves a patient look.  Ortiz shreds the trumpet in “Don’t Make Me Wait” and is accompanied by some smooth rap and beautiful vocals.  The track is already stuck in my head and I want to listen to it again…maybe I will…

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