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It happened again. North Carolina MC, JSWISS, just sent us another video of him rocking with Boston-based Tiger Speak. This is the second time in about two weeks that we’ve seen them together just after jolowitz basically epiphanized the collaboration. The tribute show was this time dedicated to Mos Def and looked dope yet again. Ryan Easter and his crew need to record a track with JSWISS immediately.

Peep our first ever interview with Tiger Speak:

Learn more about JSWISS through our interview with him just as Awthenticity dropped:


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Where I listened to the album (Berlin, Germany)

Well, Tiger Speak has become even jazzier. After first hearing their self-titled EP almost two years ago, I had much difficulty naming a mainstream characterization of their sound. Calling it jazz-influenced hip hop was understating the jazz but at the same time Ryan Easter’s rapping provided an essential element to their music and overall vibe. ­The only description that seemed fair was a constant change-up from jazz to rap – what I called transportation from a 60’s jazz club to a contemporary rap venue (when speaking of their live performance).  On the spectrum of straight jazz to straight rap I had them at about JAZZ ———-here———————RAP.  This new live album puts them about JAZZ —— here ————————-RAP.  Of course this is a silly and arbitrary way of getting my point across but I think it gets my point across. I now choose to refer to their music as Spoken Jazz – a whole lotta sexy jazz mixed with some verbose spoken word poetry.

Ryan Easter is quite the MC. Sometimes he talks, sometimes he spits trap-style, other times he raps as fast as he can, but regardless of the technique he’s delivering, he gets every single damn word he’s trying to say into each line and every verse.  He’s like the MF Doom who refuses to spill his words into the next bar.  Easter is the out-of-breath poet trying to keep up with the speedy sound his musical counterparts partake in.

Tiger Speak could successfully survive as a jazz orchestra and at times they create a sound that doesn’t really sound hip-hoppy at all. But I think that’s what makes them so cool. They know how to keep a bit quiet, laying down jazz club background sounds while the MC controls the mic. They also know how to completely let loose and belt a musical interlude that will make you forget you are listening to 2014 rap…and then Easter comes screeching in while the jazzsters turn down their stereo. Then they take turns showing each other their skills. It’s teamwork at work.

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Jolowitz and I talk to Tiger Speak members Carter Lee (Bass), Jake Baldwin (Trumpet), Matt Phenix (Drums), and Ryan Easter (MC/Trumpet) as they speak on the origin of Tiger Speak, the logistics of composing a song, problems in contemporary hip hop, their influences, and MORE. The interview was conducted before their headlining performance at WMUA 91.1’s Hip Hop In Renaissance show which took place at UMass Amherst on November 29.

Tiger Speak is an extremely talented and quite refreshing up-and-coming hip hop group composed of a conglomerate of eight members whose backgrounds in music range from jazz to hip hop.  As one might expect, their hip hop sound is greatly jazz influenced, with most tracks becoming a fuse of the two genres.  The members come from all over the United States and even Canada but met and created their debut album in Boston, MA.  This is the kind of hip hop that should be popular – it is real and original.  During their live shows, from song to song, piece to piece, you will find yourself teleporting back and forth from a happening modern hip hop venue to a 1920’s Jazz Club.

Check out the rest of their music here

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If you’re the kind of person who will switch a song if it’s not exactly what you’re into I urge you to stick with this one.  If I had to compare Tiger Speak to notables, I’d say the beats are inspired by the same roots as The Roots, if not The Roots themselves. The vocals sometimes sound like J. Cole and sometimes like Wale (the More About Nothing version). Ryan Easter is the MC, but it’s a  a whole band:

Carter Lee – Bass
Corey Hendricks – Guitar
Samson Mengsteab – Keys
Matt Phenix – Drums
Ryan Easter – Trumpet
Michael Summer – Tenor Sax
Jared Yee – Tenor Sax
Jake Baldwin – Trumpet

Download Tiger Speak– $4

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