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15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park GifsVia maddiesaur.tumblr.com

Any Jurassic Park fans out there? Check out Dobby Stones‘ take on the closing theme.

Keep an eye out for The Love Tape, coming this summer


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I was listening to Big Pun‘s acclaimed album Capital Punishment for the very first time today, and believe me, there’s more I have to say about hearing him for the first time, but I’ll fit that into other posts.

The track “Boomerang” came on, and I immediately recognized the above sample from something, somewhere. I felt that it was something off of the 3 Beat Tapes, so I went back and tried to find it. 

I did. “Track 13” off of Dilla‘s second of three unnamed beat tapes and “Boomerang” (produced by V.I.C.) share the same sample. I feel like I know more of these things.

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Jay Dee & Proof a.k.a. The Funk Cowboys (part of 5 Elementz)- “Searchin” 1998

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- “Searching” 1994

This is very, very close.  If you’re familiar with my tastes you know who I’m leaning towards. There’s two factors to consider when deciding.

  1. Pete Rock did it first
  2. A crisper version of Dilla’s can be found here

What do you think?

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I’m not going to make you guess who sampled this  — Dilla did (the most familiar sample appearing at 1:00). This song is pretty great, but the one that Jay Dee creates with this track has actually brought tears to my eyes.

Happy Dilla Sunday everyone,


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Allow yourself to listen to this under circumstances where you can allow it to KNOCK. This is the best take on Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song” that I’ve heard to date.

I have reason to believe this is one of the tracks from the upcoming Dobby Stones EP.

More by Stones can be found here

Contact: dobbystones@gmail.com

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Just throwing up Dobby Stones‘ most recent release, this time a sample of Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You”.

For beats: dobbystones@gmail.com

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Today’s Dobby Stones‘ birthday so I had to give him a birthday post. This Norah Jones sampled beat is his most recent release, but he tells me there’s more coming very soon. This should be a good year for Stones, given his new found perspective and wisdom that comes with age.

For beats: dobbystones@gmail.com

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Here’s another single recently released by Dobby Stones. This time he samples Spandau Ballet‘s “True“, trimming the soppy stuff and manipulating the intro for a more upbeat yet still smooth take entitled “Dreamin'”.

Check out Dobby Stones’ Souncloud here for free downloads.

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So I don’t usually hang around the new school very much nowadays. I prefer older artists, and the unfortunate reality of that is, more often than not, their new releases fall short of those released previous. There are many reasons for me to be a fan of Dobby Stones, but the one I’m experiencing most prominently right now is his ability to raise the bar with every release. This time with an awesome take on Peter Gabriel‘s “In Your Eyes”.

He’s working on his first official tape right now, which is targeted for around Christmas. If these most recent releases didn’t make the cut then I believe that we have the most legitimate reasons to believe that we are reaching a point in the not too distant future where we will be granted with a great gift of sound.

Download all of Stones’ singles here.

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Someone needs to sample this as soon as possible.

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