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You might recognize this as “Track 18” from J Dilla‘s beat tape numero uno. Steve Spacek, a man from London, Earth, wished to work with Dilla and this is the beat that he desired. I don’t blame him. He went over the Jay Dee beat in 2005 for his album Spaceshift. I draw upon a facinating piece from the Stones Throw site for the following Spacek quote:

“I was recording my solo project in Hollywood, just around the corner from where Dee and Common lived. We met up at his place, rolled a blunt end got straight down to it. It was quite surreal, actually. Myself, [manager] Mr French and Leon Were were rolling together that afternoon. I had met Jay briefly a few times before in London, but had never really hung out in a chilled environment. So I say to him, “Jay man, just bless me with something for my album.” And he’s like, “Yo, Spacek, I don’t know if I have anything ready for you now,” picking up the remote control for his DAT machine. So he’s flicking through this tape, then he stops, pulls out the DAT and exchanges it for another and resumes flicking through. Not even a couple of minutes have passed when he lands on the Billy Paul thing, looks up at me and just lets it roll. As soon as I hear it, what with the “yeh-yeh-yeh” vocal going through, I knew that it was the one. We hung out for a little longer, smoked a bit more, then I heeded back to French’s gaff to start writing. A few verses and a hook later, along with a couple of chops/edits on the two track, and “Dollar” was done. That afternoon was the last I saw of Jay.”


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