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SPZRKT has made an impression on us at Beatspill, so I’m sorry to write up another post about the artist, as I really don’t want to beat this tape to death.  Alas, I feel like I must.

“The Feel II”, featuring a guest verse by John Givez and production by Maj0r, is another gem on his last project, Lucid Dream, that one just can’t afford to overlook.  The beat has a groove and sense of funk reminiscent of old school rap, and the artists don’t disappoint.  SPZRKT’s smooth hook will spark your interest, and John Givez makes sure he never gives it back.  From start to finish, “The Feel II” is a rhythmic track great for sunny days and chillin with the homies.  Enjoy.


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A few months ago, I posted about some up-and-coming artist from San Antonio, SPZRKT.  While clearly influenced by the likes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, SPZRKT has his own, unique sound, and as I hear more of his music, he seems determined to only further differentiate himself.  “Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife”, is a beautiful track that reminds me of Ocean’s “Lost” but with some more edge.  Produced by dope beat-maker, Sango and remixed by Stwo, the beat is incredibly dynamic and driven.  This track is unreal, as it combines a talented voice with an already beautiful beat, and remixes it all into one masterpiece.  Enjoy.

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