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Listen to this next time you trot down the street. You’ll feel like Columbo…or better yet, Jacques Clouseau.


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Awthenticity Cover

So I’ve  listened to JSWISS‘s Awthenticity LP several times through now and I hate to disappoint you other artists but I now have a new preferred mixtape. This is an unbelievably cohesive piece, bringing the genre full circle, covering all bases, or whatever metaphorical phrase you might find fitting for an album that twists and turns down a numerous variety of different paths of sound and connotative inference. As usual, I have chosen three standout tracks to lend you as a sampler, accompanied of course by my honest thoughts. Fortunately for me, we have already reviewed the four pre-releases: “My Mercedes” produced by AltAir (my personal favorite), “Heard About Ya“, “Rock Steady” ft Topiq, and “Awthentic”  ft. Tab-One, Devine Carama, & K-Hill.

I shall begin with the intro track, “August 3rd“. You know how when you’re fishing and you feel a bite you’re supposed to yank the line to snag the fish? Same sh*t. If you haven’t heard him yet and remain skeptical about his lyrical capabilities or his ability to flow with competence, then I urge you to listen to this right now. This is how you convince listeners of your legitimacy right off the bat. I’ll admit it, there was something in the back of my mind wondering if the pre-releases were his best work, like the trailer for The Cave (Rotten Tomatoes 1/5 stars). Well, if you still haven’t listened, this is clearly not the case. There isn’t a single weak track on the LP, as I will demonstrate below, and “August 3rd” sets the pace. The production on this one belongs to bassist Ford Garrard, who also appears on “Rock Steady”, drummer Keith Butler Jr., and Jay Roc Wilson on the keys.

Juxtaposed after “Freeze“, “The Flow” is a U’Nique Music production. I like a producer that can straddle eras, with one foot rooted in old school influence and the other planted in this decade’s technologically practical applications. JSWISS does his thing as usual, using his verses to convey an honesty and admission to both his listeners and himself (see “Heard About Ya”).  Also, I had long doubted anyone would be able to “set this party off right” like Eminem and Jamie Foxx used to, let alone lead the crowd in an “Ay Oh”-like fashion since Lil Rob did it eight years ago.

Earlier I said that this LP brings it consistently throughout the entire album. This song is the driving force behind that claim. I just need to say that PGMW has delivered one of the sickest sampled beats I’ve heard in 2013, regardless of status in the industry. The bass is just ridiculous, especially layered against the this vocal sample. Jesus would make beats like this. JSWISS’s general message is clear, and it’s exactly what I try to describe when referring to all artists who refuse to compare themselves to the mainstream. He doesn’t let himself be drawn to the magnetism that is Top 40 plays and chart-climbing, cookie cutter artists who conform to the starnards of the average ignorant fan’s standards rather than perform to their own. He acknowledges the subconscious pull that draws artists away from their core vision towards the possibility of being that Lil Wayne or Kanye West figure who has chosen deals and dollars over respect. That’s the whole point of this LP. That’s the meaning of Awthenticity beyond the title. His words:

“Real has been overused to the point that its true meaning has been lost. To some people it means having girls, cars and jewelry, and to some it means be overly conscious to the point that it’s hard to relate. But when something’s “Awthentic”, it doesn’t fit into a box, it just IS. Go out and be “Awthentic” and see all of the amazing things you can do.”

Do yourself a favor and Download the Awthenticy LP

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