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We wrapped up our Spring semester with an awesome interview with Virginia producer Backdraft. We talk about the Virginia music scene as a whole, his upcoming project charity-based project Diasporic Connections, featuring globally spread African artists, and his Soulquarian remix tape, which is still in development.

Be sure to tune in to sMiles next week, who will be manning BEATSPILL Radio‘s summer block, Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8.



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Here’s a legendary bean-spilling song by Virginia tonguetwister Skillz, who at the time was adjectivized as Mad Skillz. However, I always thought of “Mad” as synonymous with “very many” or “plenty of” but in this song it sounds a little bit more like “agitated” or “fed up”. This is because credit was long overdue for his contributions to some of the time’s biggest acts in the area of the written word. These words were then converted to spoken work by these artists, whose names I’ll leave out to avoid slipping in squashed beef. Skillz felt the same way, leaving the names out of recorded versions with the exception of the occasional live performance. What I’m getting to is this: Mad Skillz has been one of the most creative and talented lyricists of literally my lifetime. People need to understand this and show the man the respect he deserves. For samples of his work, please see my earlier Skillz posts.

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I’ve recently been exposed to an irregular amount of Virginia hip hop than I usually am. Other than Skillz, I’ve been listening to the likes of Backdraft, Ryan Easter, Obliv, Henmusik, Uriyah and Brad Moss and I’m impressed by the way they immerse their conscientious content within the foundation of beats that pay homage to genre’s of generations past.  What I like most about this song off Truth To Power by The Rubber Peeple and Nalij da 7th is that they truly don’t seem concerned about anything other than enjoying themselves, each other, and the music. They’re not too serious with it, but still convince you that they mean what they say. Crummie Beats will get you moving, too. I’ve maintained an appropriate head nodding for sitting on the couch throughout the four times I’ve played this so far. This is the good side of hip hop. It’s a sample of a niche properly filled within the spectrum of art and creativity, without sliding down the slippery slope of ignorant luxury and this convincing lack of talent that had been suffocating commercial radio airways.

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