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“It’s crazy how I have so much pride in something that I had such a minuscule role in making great” – jolowitz. Couldn’t have set it better…without…….myself.


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Another piece of the puzzle that was my interview with Masta Ace for WMUA 91.1FM (UMass)

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63 songs.   2 hours.

One tribute to the greatest producer

of all time.

Rest in peace Jay Dee


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We wrapped up our Spring semester with an awesome interview with Virginia producer Backdraft. We talk about the Virginia music scene as a whole, his upcoming project charity-based project Diasporic Connections, featuring globally spread African artists, and his Soulquarian remix tape, which is still in development.

Be sure to tune in to sMiles next week, who will be manning BEATSPILL Radio‘s summer block, Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8.


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We had the good fortunes of speaking with DJ Symphony after the GZA show in Northampton the other night. We talked about Wu-Tang‘s upcoming Coachella and European tour dates, his upcoming project with Ghostface Killah, Certified Crack, and his independent station Radio Invasion. Less official business includes the division of the genre, the essence of hip hop, and, of course, jazz. He’s an incredibly entertaining guy and gave us an terrific interview. We’ll keep you all up to date on his upcoming projects.

Check us out tonight on Radio Invasion and WMUA 91.1 FM.

Check out the DJ schedule for this weekend here.

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Filmed by Thugs Bunny

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For the past two weeks we’ve be snowstponed and blocked out by basketball coverage so we had to wait until last night to air our J Dilla Tribute show.  Dilla passed away 7 years and 2 weeks ago to the day, leaving behind an inconceivably valuable collection of music that has literally changed the lives of so many people including myself.  sMiles and I devoted this show to strictly Jay Dee productions, featuring the likes of Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Michael Jackson, The Brand New Heavies, Rhian Benson, Slum Village, Frank-n-Dank, Dwele and D’Angelo in our mix of collaborations, instrumentals, and remixes. Asides from our introductions this is an almost completely silent show on our side, with focus completely on the music left behind by the greatest producer to ever live. Thank you for listening.

R.I.P. J Dilla

WMUA 91.1 FM

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