Here’s another quick taste of what’s to come – medicinal beats that can be utilized in any situation.  Put this one in your back pocket until the time is right.

Note: The whole album is fantastic.

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El-P might sound a bit grating on the ears to anyone who isn’t down with his wild, unrefined approach to beats and bars, but I love him. Its interesting to imagine that this is the same guy who produced for Run the Jewels and Cannibal Ox.

This video is absolutely crazy.

These two beats stand wholly and confidently on their own free of verbiage and lyrical dialogue.

But which is best?

Left Brain- “Ol Dirty”


Passion Pit- “Swimming in the Flood”

I’m leaning the latter.


Just started listening to this and it’s crazy.

The second single off SkyBlew‘s Backdraft-produced Journeys In 1st Person offers much promise and acts as a great incentive to not sleep on North Carolina or Virginia over the next couple of weeks. If this hasn’t convinced you, check out “StreetLights”, the first single that found itself at #12 on DJ Booth’s Independent Music Charts:

It’s been too long since I’ve shared – the busiest time of my young life is coming to an end and I have so many vibes to relay.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come: chill beats upon chiller beats upon the chillest beats.  All I’ve been doing for the past months is grooving to instrumentals whilst reading, writing, graphing, reading…

The White Shadow has helped me through, setting an upbeat, groovy, smooth environment for me to work with.  Dude knows how to make beats.

I have been doing all of my work this week to this on repeat, I must have listened to it over a hundred times by now.

A beautiful homage to Dilla‘s “Fall in Love”.

NBC- “A Voz”

I wouldn’t lie to you when I say that this song is definitely one of the best of all time, especially with regards to Portuguese hip hop. I don’t know anything about this dude NBC and I can’t understand anything I’ve read about him. Please fill me in if you have any info.

Beatspill Radio Promo

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Because it’s Freddie Gibbs, and then because it’s produced by Madlib. 

And because it’s Earl Sweatshirt (and Domo Genesis).*


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