J Dilla- “Intro (Alt)” Instrumental (Extended)

I know this guy that ate mushrooms and listened to this and he convinced me that this is one of the most important songs ever made.

For best results close your eyes. Also, you don’t have to take shrooms. The guy told me they’re not for everyone.

The Boondocks logo is a reference to the Season 4 promo video which features the original track with J Dilla‘s drops and Killer Mike‘s narration:

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Kendrick Lamar “- “i”

I already predict my opinion on this new Kendrick release will be different in a week. It’s just completely the opposite of what I expected his next work to sound like. Maybe this track is an anomaly when it comes to the vibe of the rest of his upcoming album…maybe this is just what we’re in for. He’s gone all Oukast-y, Roots’ Phrenology-y on us. I like it – I think. I’m just so confused right now and intrigued on what is next. I’ll get back to you soon.

It happened again. North Carolina MC, JSWISS, just sent us another video of him rocking with Boston-based Tiger Speak. This is the second time in about two weeks that we’ve seen them together just after jolowitz basically epiphanized the collaboration. The tribute show was this time dedicated to Mos Def and looked dope yet again. Ryan Easter and his crew need to record a track with JSWISS immediately.

Peep our first ever interview with Tiger Speak:

Learn more about JSWISS through our interview with him just as Awthenticity dropped:

Good morning? Best morning.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Ready To Die. You know an album is amazing if a 1994 DJ Premier-produced track doesn’t even come close to being considered in the better half of the album (no worries, he more than made up for it on Life After Death). “Everyday Struggle” is my favorite on the album, so I’m throwing it up as a salute to the big man.

Note: Today I learned that Bluez Brothers is a production duo sometimes credited as “Norman & Digga.” Digga did a lot of work with Masta Ace back in the day. Pretty cool.

The Old School Answer


  1. New York via Philly
  2. 1994
  3. Last track on the LP

The New School Answer


  1. First track on the EP
  2. Seattle
  3. Long sample

This is pretty cool. I didn’t know about it.

Off Training Day

I am currently in the grasp of an iron hold; not to knock Vast and Vordul, but I think everything El-P touches turns into gold. 

After Run the Jewels and then backtracking to The Cold Vein, I’ve learned that I’ve always had a hankering for the music that he makes, but I didn’t know it until, well…now.


Just after jolowitz wondered whether JSWISS and Tiger Speak were familiar with each otherJSWISS sends us this compilation of clips from Playground Sessions: The Roots Tribute, a live show held in Brooklyn, New York. Needless to say, the show looked absolutely dope: Tiger Speak laying down perfectly modest beats as the MC’s display their abilities. Jolowitz made the right call: JSWISS and Tiger Speak sound great together. We hope to see some further collaboration soon.

Note: The first beat Moruf raps over is super funky (if it’s a Roots cover I don’t recognize it and want to hear that track immediately). And Moruf’s good too.

This is the only decent quality version I could find that I could embed in this post. But this song just had to get more attention.

I’ve been on an El-P binge lately, and I think everything he touches turns into twisted gold.

The rest of this album (The Cold Vein), sounds like hip hop if it were made in deep space.


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