Oddisee is chill. Check out this song and this interview with rapper JSWISS.

I sent my compadre sMiles a few emails today to share these songs. Why the heck don’t I just share them with everyone?

A surprisingly bright track in what is a dark, gritty, exquisite slice of early 90’s New York hip hop.

I often label The Infamous as one of my favorite albums ever, all genres included.

This is an example of its bottomless depth.

Queens Love

Fellow Queens artist Action Bronson lays a bar in his track “Expensive Pens” (I’m out for self-ia, Bronson not helpin’ ya) in reference to Prodigy‘s first verse line of this track (I’m out for delfia, self-ia, P’s not helping ya).

If you know this site, you know full well that we are in love with the “golden age” of hip hop. I put it in quotations because everyone has their own name for it (old school, true, real, etc).

If you scoff at seeing Young Thug making his way onto our page, then I will assume you don’t know his music well at all; which is fine, people don’t often want to sift through every artist just to find that one track that resonates with them (myself included), never mind those who don’t feel strongly about any hip hop being made today.

Thugger and the immediate radius of his subgenre have been labeled as blasphemous to hip hop by the purists, which really upsets me, because he is the poster boy for what hip hop is today (he beats out Future, Vince Staples, Kendrick Lamar, Mick Jenkins, and that dude named Drank or whatever it is).

Nobody has time for a drawn-out personal bias, so I’ll just let this song speak for itself. If you don’t listen to Thug, this sentient, colorful example of lyricism, delivery, and verbiage will be unexpected.

If you do listen to Thug, you my dude.

Download Slime Season via DatPiff

“It’s crazy how I have so much pride in something that I had such a minuscule role in making great” – jolowitz. Couldn’t have set it better…without…….myself.

The video to a song crazy close to all of us here at Beatspill just dropped today.

I’ve pretty much only been listening to Travi$ Scott and Run the Jewels (speaking hip-hop) for the past few months, with lots of Tv on the Radio in the mix.

I’ve come to realize that he would have been my fourth pick in our label draft.

This is a fine example of why – because everything about this track is so Trav, but is also so uncharacteristic and a stretch away from his normally darkly emotional trap energy that is the lens that most of his music is felt through.

So damn excited for Rodeo.

I’ve been away. I been out here. Much has changed in my life since my last post.

This is probably the song that sums up my life right now.

Not because I’m livin what he’s spittin, but because the feels that I feel when I hear his emotionally braggadocious bars and the warm, eyes-rolling-back kinda beat just makes me feel like this is the moment I’m in, ya know?

This is because De La Soul, Chaka Khan, and Stevie Wonder are all very great.

JSWISS sits down with producer Oddisee and talks about his communication and collaboration with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

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