Now, there’s no doubt I’m a sucker for the old school yet I recognize the potential when it comes to novel hip hop. SoulChef is dope. Salz loves him and now I love him. He reminds me a bit of Gramatik sometimes and knows how to make a truly eclectic array of beats. The production on “Greeny Jungle” forces you to get your ass up and move. I’ll have to get used to Gabriel Teodros before I can get excited about he and SoulChef’s upcoming album, but I can appreciate what he is trying to do (I like his message). Also, Shakiah sounds exactly like SkyBlew.

I demand a mixtape of Action Bronson, Ghostface Killah, SkyBlew and Shakiah. It would be the most confusing listening experience of all time. “Why is Action talking about Wu-Tang? Why is Shakiah talking about North Carolina?”

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Just a nice song about MILFS.

You might think I’d be the first to cynically smirk at the idea that one cannot be fully in-tune with the music he is listening to, until he finds himself nodding along in the environment in which the sound was actually produced. Well, I’m not.

A few weeks ago, on a return trip from Princeton University, I found myself strolling through the Penn Station neighborhood, bouncing along to the beginning of Amplified, Q-Tip’s dope solo album he co-produced with the late, great J Dilla. “Wait Up” had me carelessly jumping up and down 34th Street, feeling just as live as the City itself. Then “Higher” began and I realized that I was nodding to something new – I had never heard these songs in transition before, meaning I had never actually listened to Amplified as an album. It must have been a 75 degrees and sunny early autumn day – the best the North East has to offer, and nobody seemed to notice. Millions of people were sprinting every which way, running from the clock monster. And there I was, just dancing along with my oversized backpack, envious of nobody.

It was the perfect opportunity to finally hear Amplified in the manner it was meant to be understood. I felt the bounce of the city pervading my veins. I was milking NYC for it’s fresh inspiration – it’s unmatched stimulus, with nowhere to channel it but through my headphones. I moved and grooved passed the construction workers, policemen, hotel clerks, bikers, bankers, and the homeless, listening to songs of 15 years past. I was in this massive, lively city doing something different than everyone in sight. I was Q-Tip. I am Q-Tip.

Now, let me tell you, this project is amazing…I mean, obviously. It is Q-Tip and J Dilla. Have you ever heard of Beats, Rhymes & Life? Just subtract Phife and add a few years. Anyways, “N.T.” did things to my body that no lady could ever dream of doing unless she’s Erykah Badu. Just listen and you’ll understand. But let me tell you: it won’t be the same sitting at your dining room table as prancing around the Big Apple.

Busta gets me hyped!

G-Unit – “Come Up”

I’m really pleased with this.

So this post was originally going to be for SkyBlew‘s “NotOneOfUs” produced by Focus, however I couldn’t find a compatibly embeddable version (check it out here on Grooveshark).  Instead, I’ll share with you his collaboration with No9to5 artists JSWISS and AltAir, which is just a fine substitution. Also, I want to share the MCs’ freestyle on “The Anchor Show” over a jiggy, jiggy, jiggy, jiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy, wiggy Jay Dee instrumental.

I’m feelin’ this right now. I’m feelin’ this right now.

So someone I know asked on social media if there was an original. The response was that there was but that it was “terrible” and “so bad”. Now, I’m sitting here questioning whether or not its worth typing a response that would condemn these individuals as people, for this is just an opinion, and there’s obviously there’s a chance they are good people. However, in my opinion, the original, although not as momentous as the remix, is one of the nicest sounding sounds I’ve ever heard (of all time). Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe I’m a fool. Maybe I am a milquetoast know-nothing that should be stripped of any credibility I have now or have ever had or ever will have. Or maybe I’m not.

Here’s a video of Michael Jackson dancing to the remix:

I don’t know how to put this, but some of Dilla’s beats sound like the afterlife.

Dedicated to the man who should win every award at every BET Music Awards Show. Listen and/or weep.

More Dilla




So I showed my friend some Gap Band stuff and he [was unimpressed]. I asked him if he he knew who Charlie Wilson was and he said “[No]“. Now I’m not going to act like I’m his #1 fan and know his whole discography because certainly I do not. But as someone who values the bridges between funk, soul, R&B, and rap, Charlie Wilson is someone you should absolutely be able to pick out of a line up.

Now I know him initially through The Gap Band, then later heard him mostly with Snoop and Kanye. Here are a couple examples of each:

w/ Snoop

w/ Kanye

As I said before, I have much to learn myself. Feel free to educate me if you’ve got something that will rock my s*** featuring Charlie Wilson.


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