I’m feelin’ this right now. I’m feelin’ this right now.

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So someone I know asked on social media if there was an original. The response was that there was but that it was “terrible” and “so bad”. Now, I’m sitting here questioning whether or not its worth typing a response that would condemn these individuals as people, for this is just an opinion, and there’s obviously there’s a chance they are good people. However, in my opinion, the original, although not as momentous as the remix, is one of the nicest sounding sounds I’ve ever heard (of all time). Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe I’m a fool. Maybe I am a milquetoast know-nothing that should be stripped of any credibility I have now or have ever had or ever will have. Or maybe I’m not.

Here’s a video of Michael Jackson dancing to the remix:

I don’t know how to put this, but some of Dilla’s beats sound like the afterlife.

Dedicated to the man who should win every award at every BET Music Awards Show. Listen and/or weep.

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So I showed my friend some Gap Band stuff and he [was unimpressed]. I asked him if he he knew who Charlie Wilson was and he said “[No]“. Now I’m not going to act like I’m his #1 fan and know his whole discography because certainly I do not. But as someone who values the bridges between funk, soul, R&B, and rap, Charlie Wilson is someone you should absolutely be able to pick out of a line up.

Now I know him initially through The Gap Band, then later heard him mostly with Snoop and Kanye. Here are a couple examples of each:

w/ Snoop

w/ Kanye

As I said before, I have much to learn myself. Feel free to educate me if you’ve got something that will rock my s*** featuring Charlie Wilson.


Made a short mix of some of SkyBlew‘s dopest verses. He’s got the talent and personality to continue making waves.

Check out more SkyBlew

Hear more Backdraft beats

For more AltAir production

J Dilla- “Intro (Alt)” Instrumental (Extended)

I know this guy that ate mushrooms and listened to this and he convinced me that this is one of the most important songs ever made.

For best results close your eyes. Also, you don’t have to take shrooms. The guy told me they’re not for everyone.

The Boondocks logo is a reference to the Season 4 promo video which features the original track with J Dilla‘s drops and Killer Mike‘s narration:

Kendrick Lamar “- “i”

I already predict my opinion on this new Kendrick release will be different in a week. It’s just completely the opposite of what I expected his next work to sound like. Maybe this track is an anomaly when it comes to the vibe of the rest of his upcoming album…maybe this is just what we’re in for. He’s gone all Oukast-y, Roots’ Phrenology-y on us. I like it – I think. I’m just so confused right now and intrigued on what is next. I’ll get back to you soon.

It happened again. North Carolina MC, JSWISS, just sent us another video of him rocking with Boston-based Tiger Speak. This is the second time in about two weeks that we’ve seen them together just after jolowitz basically epiphanized the collaboration. The tribute show was this time dedicated to Mos Def and looked dope yet again. Ryan Easter and his crew need to record a track with JSWISS immediately.

Peep our first ever interview with Tiger Speak:

Learn more about JSWISS through our interview with him just as Awthenticity dropped:

Good morning? Best morning.


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