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Check the video art associated with SkyBlew’s “Streetlights” produced by Backdraft.

Download the project: Journeys In 1st Person

Off of The Return of the Magnificent 

For all of you lyricists out there, I’m announcing the formation of a production super-duo, Chill Planet. Consisting of Dobby Stones and gChavs, the chillest planet on earth is set to drop an LP that will “be out soon.” Here’s a sampler I mixed live last week on Beatspill Radio, WMUA 91.1FM. I’m doing another tonight so stay tuned.


I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Wu-Tang’s Cappadonna to speak about his new release, Hook Off.

We talked the new album, his path from Park Hill to prison to today, and how his message has changed during the ride.

“Most popular hip-hop songs can only be remembered by a catchy hook, so with no hook the listener has no choice but to take in the lyrical content, flow and delivery of the artist, which is what this album comes packed with.”

So it’s been a good minute or 1500 since I’ve listened to De La Soul‘s Stakes is High all the way through. This morning I did, over a nice cup of mocha coffee staring at the Lisbon skyline. A strange mix no doubt. Stranger, though, was the fact that I had hitherto failed to recognized the obvious similarity between De La’s “Dinninit” and one of my favorite all time classics, Large Professor‘s “Ijustwannachill.” Now I’m confused. Which one is actually my favorite all time classic? The sample is way too good to not obsess over either. I think I like Large Pro’s rocking chair chill vibes more though. Which side do you line up with?

The sample: Milt Jackson – “Enchanted Lady”

De La Soul – “Dinninit”

Large Professor – “Ijustwannachill”

Here’s the first Blu & Exile song I really listened to. Now I get it.

This was recommended after Masta Ace’s “Beautiful” *

*for context

In honor of the new record I just picked up.

Off of Petestrumentals.

Off Champion Sound.

This beat just takes me someplace. It’s not always the same place, but rarely is it the place I am currently in. DJing, it’s an absolute mood setter. One late night I began a Late Night set with a slow fade in of “Moments” and the rest is momentary. Chill vibes the rest of the night. No techno – no house – no real rap – just a healthy, relaxed, environment. Try not to reflect on something while this song is playing…yeah, good luck.

Freddie Joachim is a masterful producer. Listen to as much of Midway as your memory can handle and then go check out the rest of his stuff. If you don’t like musical research then just come back here in the upcoming weeks and I’ll throw some more Joachim in front of your face.


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